Keep Campaigns Alive for Future Content/Messages

I had a bad experience whereby I wanted to start using SP to create a "drip" campaign for contacts. My vision was to build it out with 2 years of content/messages, spaced out about 30 days each. Of course I wanted to start using it before I created all 24 messages so I started with a few messages to get me rolling, about 3 months worth. I began adding contacts. Well, once i realized I was a bit behind because my orig contacts had "outpaced" my content, I started adding more, and now THOUGHT I was ahead again and my orig contacts would start getting my "future" messages. NOPE! Once a contact hits the last message he/she is "dead" in that campaign, and even if I add messages in the future, ie 200 days out, even if he was added just 100 days ago, he/she WILL NOT get future messages. BIG PROBLEM For me. How did I know if I had just created a "dummy" message or "thanks for staying connected" text on day 999 that I would have had the flexibility I desperately need today?

I'd recommend a "button" exist when users are creating campaigns that asks "is campaign finished" or "I will be adding to campaign". If we check "I will be adding to campaign" then maybe something on the backend would automatically add that activity at day 999. Thanks for all your help.

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  • Sep 14 2022
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